Watch Videos from the
2018 VegInnovation Roadshow workshop series.

The 2018 VegInnovations Roadshow provided six regional workshops around the topic of product innovation with vegetables. The initial workshop was held in Elizabeth Town, TAS on the 7th June 2018. The workshop was a fast paced, infomative event where attendees were led through the journey of new product development using a mixture of industry insider insights, real-world examples and demonstrations of practical skills that can be used to drive the innovation process. The key messages of this workshop have been distilled down to a number of video clips that can be accessed here, along with industry insight videos recorded at other workshops in the series.

In this video John Ranicar of the Forager Food Company talks about the challenge of being a service provider while developing your own product brand. (TAS)

Here Anne Bennett of Ashgrove Cheese talks about the development of their Amazeballs. (TAS)

David Fienberg shares his experiences around product development with The Lupin Co. (WA)

In this clip Matt Hood from Rugby Farm shares his experiences of value adding in the vegetable industry. (QLD)

Here Shane Quinn talks about product innovation within the Mulgowie Farming Company. (QLD)

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