Watch Videos from the first workshop held at the
Mondelez Food Innovation Centre.

The 'New product development information for the vegetable industry' project included an industry workshop held at the Mondelez Food Innovation Centre on the 31st August 2015. The workshop was a fast paced, infomative event where a number of industry experts led the attendees through the journey of new product development using a mixture of industry insider insights, real-world examples and demonstrations of practical skills that can be used to drive the innovation process. The key messages of this workshop have been distilled down to a number of video clips that can be accessed here.

In this video Hazel MacTavish-West provides a brief introduction to VG14031 - New Product Development Information for the Vegetable Industry.

Here Hazel discusses how to make your product noticable from your competition through branding and positioning.

Hazel considers current food product trends and how the market is addressing them.

In this clip Hazel provides some suggestions about how to add value to your vegetable produce.

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