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New product development can be a daunting task, but remember, help is always at hand from a range of experts who can guide you through the seemingly impenetrable maze of practical considerations.

This search tool provides an easy to use, categorised, digest of companies and organisations that specialise in aspects of new food product development and offer a range of services or support functions to help your product be a success.

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The companies are searchable by capability and location allowing easy identification of capabilities local to your state and an indication of the services that they offer.

Capabilites have been broken down into the following groups to help you quickly find the help that you require.

  • Analysis:- Scientific testing services to measure what is in your product and to help demonstrate that it is safe.
  • Branding/Packaging design:- Giving your product market identity and the 'wow' factor to help it stand out in the market.
  • Compliance:- Assistance to ensure that your product meets the relevant food standards and that product labelling and packaging are correct to the regulations
  • Contract Manufacturing:- Services to physically make the product in small or commercial volumes. Can range from commercial kitchens to large food processing factories.
  • Development Services:- Services related to developingn your product, from helpiong with initial concepts, product placement, formulation, flavour development through to full turn-key solutions.
  • Digital and Media Communications:- Help getting your message out there and to get consumers buying.
  • Dry Blending:- Specialised services for the mixing and blending of dry products, usually powders.
  • Drying:- Industrial scale drying processign using various technologies including spray drying, freeze drying etc.
  • Extraction:- Processing related to the extraction of certain components from source material, usually oils through distillation processes. Often not specifically food related.
  • Equipment Supply:- Suppliers of manufacturing, processing or handling equipment, or offering plant design and sourcing services.
  • Funding:- Possible sources of funding to help assist with the costs of developing a new product, includes grants, invesment funding and government assistance.
  • Ingredients:- Suppliers of food ingredients that may be useful to combine with your products to create a more market ready value added solution.
  • IP Protection:- Specialist advice on how to protect your product, message and brand in the market. Product development involves investment of time and money which needs to be protected as far as possible from 'copy cat' products or counterfeit goods.
  • Label Supplies and Equipment:- Suppliers of printed labels or full product labellign systems for a variety of manufacturing volumes and packaging requiremnents.
  • Market Research:- Services that can help identify and quantify market sector opportunities, identify current sector suppliers and competing products to your new idea.
  • Mechanical Processing:- Mechanical processing of materials, usually chopping, slicing and dicing of vegetables and the like. Can also include grinding and milling.
  • Network:- Developing new products can seem a lonely process but there are organisations and groups focussed on food products that can help provide inspiration and the ability to connect with other companies offering similar or complementary products.
  • Own Product Development:- Many of these companies are also suppliers of ingredients or services, but seeing what products other people are developing can often help as inspiration for developing your own product.
  • Packaging:- Packaging is an important component to ensure that your product arrives at the consumer undamaged and in peak condition. Partnering with the right packaging supplier is important to help ensure this.
  • Packing:- Companies that are able to pack your product on a batch or volume contract basis.
  • Support:- Organistations that are able to offer a broad range of support and advice, often for free or at highly subsidised rates, related to various apects of developing new food products.
  • Thermal Processing:- Heat based manufacturing processing services.
  • Training:- Training organistaions offering a variety of levels of training in areas related to new product development processes in general through to product development specifically for the food industry.

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